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The United Kingdom is home to many of the world’s leading global trade show organisers. Seven of the world’s 20 top global trade show organisers are based in the UK including the two largest, with revenue totaling more than

USD 4 billion.


Their impact is far from confined to the UK however. The combined reach of these companies as facilitators of trade and investment is unparalleled, able to bring thousands of international buyers and suppliers together and helping to grow regional economies in every corner of the world through large-scale trade shows and events.


ArciMedia Ltd is an organisation that specialises in connecting these organisers with the cities and industries seeking to benefit from trade shows, raising awareness through direct matchmaking and trade forums, supported by an English-language marketing campaign. 


With an up-to-date knowledge of official national and city-based economic growth plans, and working relationships with overseas Trade Promotion Agencies, ArciMedia is also capable of connecting overseas industry to countries, cities and clusters active in any sector they seek to grow and promote.



trade shows matter?

Unlike many business events such as rotating congresses and festivals, trade shows generate regular revenue for a city, introducing fresh talent, investment and in time propelling these cities onto the world stage.

Use ArciMedia to help bring these shows to your city. The traditional approach of pitching your city as a tourism destination, even if business tourism, is not going to rouse the curiosity of the event organisers you need to attract.


We work with directors of key ministries, trade & investment bureaus, industry leaders and association heads as well as market observers from the national and international ‘pink-sheets’ and financial publications to assess which shows would have the greatest economic, social and even political impact on a potential host city.

To win the attention of organisers, you need to know which of them have the shows you are looking to attract, and tell them why your city and country matches the economic profile of their trade events.

We know the right organisers with the right event portfolios, and we can turn the wheels that lead to meaningful dialogue.

Remember, trade shows can:

  1. Boost a city's off-peak tourism revenues
  2. Increase spend-per-tourist

  3. Help raise both temporary and permanent employment

  4. Build the tourism industry in second-tier cities

  5. Provide increased market traction for further education
    institutions through research and speaker arrangements


After years of writing about the industry, we have built an impressive database of trade show organisers with the power to help grow your city's economy. Use ArciMedia to bring these shows to your city.

The traditional approach of pitching your city as a tourism destination, even if business tourism, is not going to rouse the curiosity of the event organisers you need to attract. To get their attention and win their events, you need to know who has the shows you are looking to attract, and tell them why the economy of your city and country matches the profile of their events.

Be it through a series of targeted one-to-one meetings, an invite-only dinner, or simply correspondence and a personal approach using ArciMedia's team, we can bring you face to face with the organisers who can bring these shows to your city.


Most destination marketing for business events follows a tourism line. This is not the right approach to take when seeking to attract international trade shows. Trade shows and many other business events are quite distinct from tourism, and they bring much more than tourists to a city. They are a function of trade and investment. If you want to attract these big economic drivers to your city, then you need to make a business case based on local economic growth plans.


Trade show organisers want to take their events to the cities where the market is suited to the subject of their events

So plan carefully, speak to ArciMedia about creating compelling Advertising Supplements, Advertorials, Direct Marketing, Website Content and promotional literature with meaning; of specific interest to the organisers you are looking to attract. 


By creating an efficient, targeted, communications plan that switches the primary message away from tourism to trade and investment, it is possible to increase the impact of your message and branding while reducing costs.


Reaching the publications and influencers that can shine a light a light on your destination is a lot easier with a good story, told well. Trade publishing is built around coverage of factual development and trends, 'news you can use' and which will encourage them to do so. that that

And while advertising and advertorial are by definition seen as commercial, good editorial holds genuine value for the reader/viewer and is therefore much more likely to be both trusted and consumed.

Our team has edited and contributed to some of the business events industry's market-leading publications and journals, and while our ongoing market influence remains impartial for purposes of integrity, we can use the skills we have learned to help your team reach the market with as compelling a proposition as you can present.

It's a lot easier to win the attention of the event organisers you wish to attract if you already have their curiosity due to intriguing coverage in the trade press and related social media.

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