As former editor of business events industry publications including Exhibition World and Conference & Meetings World, our  director Antony Reeve-Crook knows what it takes to be successful in reaching the audiences you're after with an effective story. The PPA-shortlisted Writer of the Year and author of Where Markets Meet, a regular contributor to a wide range of news publications and magazines both inside and outside of the global business events industry, is involved in every commission we undertake.


Engaging and informative editorial ignites dialogue, understanding and ultimately confidence in a subject. By addressing emerging trends, showcasing up-to-date quantifiable information and finding new ways to connect with a carefully defined audience, we provide our clients with a level of exposure and appreciation rarely achieved through traditional promotional means such as advertising.


And the creation of a story is just one part of our solution. The ability to find a home for this editorial, or promotion, is what holds true value. A message counts for little without an audience, which is an integral part of the service we offer.

Support your pitch for global events with compelling editorial

Your audience is increasingly discerning about the features they choose to read. When it comes to advertising that aims to achieve more than simple branding for your company, you need to ensure the content rewards the reader for their time. ArciMedia knows the international business event market and we know how to make your proposition enticing.

Give your publications

a new lease of life

Our director has overseen a number of relaunches and redesigns, including turning the global exhibitions magazine Exhibition World into a Professional Publishers Association (PPA) award-winning relaunch, the same year that he was shortlisted as PPA Writer of the Year.

Our origins are in journalism, and the challenge of creating the ideal proposition for an audience never loses its appeal.

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The Exhibitionists podcast goes live

The Exhibitionists, a new podcast created by two leading commentators from the global trade show industry, Stephanie Selesnick and Antony Reeve-Crook, is now available to stream or download online.


The podcast, which is being carried on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and eight other widely available audio and podcast platforms, is aimed at anybody involved with international trade shows and interested in learning more about this colourful and catalysing industry.

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