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Everyone has a story to tell, but in reality telling a good story is harder than it seems. Here at ArciMedia, we pride ourselves not only on helping you to tell your story, but on making sure that the right audience is listening.


At the centre of everything we do is the story. In a world overloaded with information, your audience won't accept waffle – the story has once again become everything, commercial or otherwise.


Your audience is increasingly discerning about the features they choose to read – ensure your content rewards them for their time.


Good enough is no longer enough.


Revitalise your output with a fresh, dynamic approach to publishing

ArciMedia is a content creator trading in the production and dissemination of publications, journalism, editorial and copy writing, with a specialist understanding of the global business events industry.

The publishing world has changed and with so much choice, consumers have become increasingly discerning. While many magazines and content providers clearly pursue a commercial objective, the value of an interesting story carefully targeted at the audience you define continues to hold tremendous value.


ArciMedia has been instrumental in the creation and reinvention of several magazines and commercial products from the relaunch of the world's leading trade show publication to an online magazine for the world's largest automotive manufacturer.


In all cases the product we delivered was the result of market research and created with the desires of the audience front and centre.

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The story, whether that is the market we are writing for, or the subject of the individual article or commercial product, underpins all that we do at ArciMedia, without a story, nobody will truly hear your message. 

However, the ability to find a home for this editorial also holds true value. A message counts for little without an audience, which is an integral part of the service we offer. And whether it's a piece of engaging advertorial or an in-depth article written on commission for editorial use (see Articles), ArciMedia will provide.

Our specialist knowledge of the business events industry has also given us the contacts and the ability to liaise between organisers of global business events and the ministries, trade & investment bureaus, industry leaders and association heads in the markets that hope to attract them.


If you want to bring business events and trade shows to your city, then use ArciMedia to help connect you to the right people. Work with us to build an attractive proposition and we will double your efforts by building you a strong campaign in the relevant business media.

Reach out to the organisers

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Recently Published


The Exhibitionists podcast goes live

The Exhibitionists, a new podcast created by two leading commentators from the global trade show industry, Stephanie Selesnick and Antony Reeve-Crook, is now available to stream or download online.


The podcast, which is being carried on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and eight other widely available audio and podcast platforms, is aimed at anybody involved with international trade shows and interested in learning more about this colourful and catalysing industry.

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